Holiday Candles are here!

Just in time for the holidays, Scotty and Andrew have come up with two amazing new scents! Frosty's Snow Balls will fill your home with the smell of coconut, chilled milk, vanilla, and sugar. Peppermint Cocoa Crunch has the aroma of crushed candy canes, cocoa, and vanilla.

Pick up one or both while supplies last! Use code CEREALKILLERS for 10% off!

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Cereal Killers Podcast

Two guys that love cereal! Scotty has extensive cereal knowledge, and Andrew loves to “crunch” and learn. They are two longtime coworkers that together will give you their comical review of one classic and one brand new cereal in each episode…with their hardly scientific rating system. Grab a box, bowl and spoon…and come along for the ride!

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Recent Episodes

Bowl Chat - Butts by the Bump

Scotty B is convinced that he is hip and cool because of his job. Do we really believe that to be true? He teaches Andy all about what cigarettes he used to smoke, the difference between mailing and shipping a package are and even mentions his dream of becoming a garbage man. Oh yeah, the guys try bread in a can and eggnog too.

Episode 207: Triple Chocolate

We finally got our hands on the new Swiss Miss Cocoa Puffs! Will they live up to the hype and make it into the cereal hall of fame?? Then a store brand Pebbles fake and some chocolate hazelnut granola from Lidl.

Bowl Chat - The Disgusting Dinner Party

You asked and it's finally here... our Disgusting Dinner Party! Listen in as we try Vienna sausages, black licorice, Chef Boyardee and a dessert classic Ambrosia.

Episode 206: Apple Jerks

While we've had something similar, these new Apple Jacks With Star Marshmallows are not spooky, but Andrew must compare! Then another listener supplied sports cereal, and some rando WalMart Cereal.