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Bowl Chat - Butts by the Bump

Scotty B is convinced that he is hip and cool because of his job. Do we really believe that to be true? He teaches Andy all about what cigarettes he used to smoke, the difference between mailing and shipping a package are and even mentions his dream of becoming a garbage man. Oh yeah, the guys try bread in a can and eggnog too.

Episode 207: Triple Chocolate

We finally got our hands on the new Swiss Miss Cocoa Puffs! Will they live up to the hype and make it into the cereal hall of fame?? Then a store brand Pebbles fake and some chocolate hazelnut granola from Lidl.

Bowl Chat - The Disgusting Dinner Party

You asked and it's finally here... our Disgusting Dinner Party! Listen in as we try Vienna sausages, black licorice, Chef Boyardee and a dessert classic Ambrosia.

Episode 206: Apple Jerks

While we've had something similar, these new Apple Jacks With Star Marshmallows are not spooky, but Andrew must compare! Then another listener supplied sports cereal, and some rando WalMart Cereal.

Bowl Chat - Should We Buy Teslas?

Scotty and Andrew discuss the wild world of electric cars, solar panels and more. Do they understand it... barely.

Episode 205: Crap Sandwich

Not sure if we've used this title before... but this is a big old thick sammy! Delicious Apple Pie Toast Crunch and Simply Nature granola are the bread to the Catalina Crunch crap filling! Spoiler alert... Double vomits!!!

Bowl Chat - Hot Browns

Have you had this Kentucky delicacy? Andrew did when he was in Kentucky this past weekend.

Episode 204: Christmas Already??

So excited to find a new Christmas Cereal! A delicious new Elf On The Shelf flavor, then on to another selection from Bakery On Main, and an OK copycat from Lidl.

Bowl Chat - Break Out the Ambrosia

If you are reading this, you are formally invited to attend the 2021 Disgusting Dinner Party of Scotty B and Andrew. Please send us your ideas!

Episode 203: Muddy Puddles

In this episode, Danielle returns as we check out the new Peppa Pig Rice Krispies that we didn't even know were a thing! Then, some awesome Cocoa Dyno-Bites with Marshmallows from Malt-O-Meal, and the old 90s favorite, Waffle Crisp, is back!!!

Bowl Chat - Sweatshirt, Shorts, and a Jacket

Scotty B doesn't believe in wearing jackets. Well, that's half true. He just doesn't believe in wearing long sleeves and shorts combos.

Episode 202: Old Man Mustache Guy

Today we will check out a broken up protein bar from Lara, some Bob's Old Mill Muesli, and some delicious Mini Spooners from Malt-O-Meal! Plus, we'll hear from some musicians you probably never heard of.

Bowl Chat - Early Holiday Shopping

This year holiday shopping could be affected - should we go shopping early to be safe?

Episode 201: The Shark That Won't Die

This week, we'll try a new flavour of Baby Shark Cereal... from Scotland! Plus, a strange Brooklyn Bodega staple, and back to Jamie's box for a new cereal from Clif. All that, and accents from Andrew!

Bowl Chat - A World Without Internet

How old are you? Old enough to remember a world without internet? Yep, so were Scotty B and Andrew (kinda)!

Episode 200: Our Bicentennial

In our 200th episode, we'll skip the fanfare and get right to the awesome (and awful) cereals! All chocolate this time around, and we'll visit stuff we haven't tried from Malt-O-Meal, Quaker and Ikea (vomit).

Bowl Chat - Blackberries, Airplanes and Road Trips... Oh My!

This episode is all over the place. It starts with a discussion on some old technology (Blackberries FTW), then goes to St. Maarten and the low flying airplanes over the beach. Somehow they talk about President Joseph R. Biden's middle name being Robinette, it segways to a quick chat on being religious and it all ends with road trips. So yeah, buckle up and get ready, we discuss it ALL on the longest Bowl Chat episode EVER.

Episode 199: Is It Back??

One of Andrew's favorites is back! Well, kind of. Kellogg's reintroduced Cinnabon in snack packs, but apparently, it's the same as the classic cereal... we'll see! Then some listener supplied entries... one granola and another Peanut Butter & Cocoa cereal.

Bowl Chat - Bowl... Chat?

Bowl Chat goes meta. Yep. We are talking bowls. Toilet bowls, plastic bowls, you name it!

Episode 198: Monster Mash

Well, there is only one new Halloween cereal this year, so guess this is our Halloween episode! We'll try the 50th anniversary monster cereal from General Mills, Monster Mash! Then on to a really good blueberry cereal from Mom's Best, and some disappointing frosted flakes.

Bowl Chat- Working Backstage and Wedding Bops

Scotty and Andrew chat all things backstage at our iHeart Festival. What was Las Vegas like? What did they eat? Listen to hear all the inside scoop. Also, what are some of your favorite "party" songs? Andrew wants to make a party album that will stand the test of time.

Episode 197: Jamie's Box

Every cereal we try today is courtesy of our listener Jamie! We'll try the new Space Jam cereal, along with some Berry Colossal rip off from Malt-O-Meal and a very stubborn bag of cereal from Nature's Path.

Episode 196: Polar Bear

We've lost all control as we try a new Kashi cereal Scotty brought back from Cape Cod, then onto another awful bean cereal, and a listener-supplied, limited-edition cereal from Cleveland.

Bowl Chat - MaSCOTT

Scotty B made Andrew title this episode like that. Hear your two favorite Cereal Killers talk about dressing up as mascots, pasta sauce and even about a mishap with Sawyer (Scotty B's dog).