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Andy Won't Eat

Sure... it's a podcast where we eat cereal. Andrew is on a juice cleanse. Makes sense. So, Danielle sits in!!! We’ll try the Cap'n's new Chocolate Caramel Crunch, and since Andrew isn’t eating, we'll just do one more, and it's a cruddy Raisin Bran.

Bowl Chat - What a Mess...

Andrew and Gandhi talk to Scotty B. while out on the road. Hijinks and technical issues ensue. Get ready for the hottest mess of an episode yet!

Rx For Boring Cereal

Another protein bar becomes a cereal, and just doesn’t cut it. Then onto two cereals Scotty found online — one awful, and one just ok. The fun comes when Andrew thinks he’s allergic and gets a "tickle" in his throat.

Bowl Chat - Besto Friendo

This episode sure is a doozy. We chat about everything from bugs to Andrew thinking "besto friendo" was a phrase.

Kid In A Candy Store

Today we will try a cereal that Andrew loves, but won’t be seen with the box…Jojo Siwa Strawberry Bop! Then on to some blah sprouted rice, and an incredible granola from Bakery On Main!

Bowl Chat - Scotty B is Bonkers!

In this episode, we walk down memory lane and talk all things old candy. From Nerds Rope to Bubbalicious (is gum a candy?), to Scotty's favorite - BONKERS - join us on this sweet adventure.

Team Andy

One of Andrew’s favorite childhood cereals is back! Well, kind of. We'll try the new incarnation of Team Cheerios! Then, to celebrate Cheerios' 80th anniversary, it’s a rip-off from Lidl! Then, onto some listener-supplied Buckwheat Flakes.

Bowl Chat - Sassy Scotty B & Sarcastic Andrew

Real talk, Scotty B and Andrew are trying to figure out what their "archetype" is. Are Andrew and Scotty B really that sarcastic? We break it down. Additionally, Scotty breaks down why he can't throw out old jackets in his attic.

Worst Ever??

In this episode, we'll check out the new Marshmallow Clusters Lucky Charms. We heard it was the replacement for Rice Krispies Treats Cereal... is it?? Then, on to a soft cereal that we will both vomit from, and a dry, sawdust-like supermarket sample. What a fantastic day!

Bowl Chat - Are We Making a TikTok?

Should Scotty B and Andrew make a TikTok to cash in on the ASMR trend? Andrew sure thinks so. Also, we take a look at the dark side of those weird viral food videos - are they for people with a fetish?

Take 2

What a shame that Scotty screwed up the original episode…that one was WAY better! In any event, today we will try the companion cereal to the new Ghostbusters movie out later this year, as well as a listener supplied PB&J cereal (Andrew has a problem with this) and yet another knock-off.

Bowl Chat - Pop in a Sack at the Kum and Go

So uh, yeah, this episode is interesting to say the least. What does the title imply? Listen to find out!

Peanut Butter Panda

In this episode, we will check out the highly-anticipated Special K Chocolatey Dipped Flakes! Ehhh... kind of a letdown. Then on to Peanut Butter Panda Puffs (say that 5 times fast) and a pouch of so-so granola from Sola.

Bowl Chat - Currency, Horses and Listener Questions

Scotty talks about his time going to camp and his love of horses. Yep, Scotty like horses - who knew! Andrew also has questions about currency.

Make Three Wishes

We will give you 3 new cereals today! First off, from big boy General Mills, an all-new Chex! Apple Cinnamon! Then a family owned cereal company, Three Wishes, sent us some grain-free, low sugar cereal. Did Scotty spit it on the window? We'll see!

Bowl Chat - Scotty B... Future Hoarders Star?

In this episode of BOWL CHAT we discuss Scotty B's love of... things? Why does he keep as much memorabilia as he does and do you think he is too far out of line? Also, Andy and Scotty plan to go out to eat lunch at an Automat.

A Five-Bowler!

Been a while since we had a 5-bowler that we agreed on! Dulce De Leche Toast Crunch is it!!! You'll hear us fawn over that, as well as a sadly underwhelming Snickerdoodle Cereal from Wegman's and a pretty decent surprise from Bakery On Main!

Eating Cereal with Pride

In this episode, we will check out the new Kellogg’s & Glaad collaboration, Together With Pride cereal. Then, on to a cereal we probably shouldn’t eat and a lackluster granola from Cascadian Farm.

Bowl Chat - Grocery Shopping Rules

Do you scan then bag? Have a specific order of how you bag things at the grocery store? Well, surprise surprise SCOTTY B does!

Cinnamon Hot Buns

There is nothing cinnamon-y about this episode…but listen! We have candles! In this episode, we’ll try new Churr-O’s cereal from Malt O Meal. They usually come through for us... we'll see! Then onto another nasty Catalina Crunch and a delicious store brand PB&J!

Bowl Chat - My Big Fat Greek 23andMe Test Results

Dear Evan Hansen – love it or hate it? Andrew is of the latter opinion and tells you why he hated the play with an intense passion. Plus, Andrew found out he is Greek because of 23andMe. Who knew?

Frosty & Flakey

Big day for us as we unveil our new candle line from Wax Cabin Candle Company! Of course... we'll eat cereal! A new delicious Cheerios Oat Crunch, Galactic Lucky Charms... and a cereal from - IKEA??

Bowl Chat - Squishmallows & Mustard

The hottest toy craze is... Squishmallows? Find out why Scotty is frantically checking his phone to get this toy for his daughter. We also chat about old gaming systems, and somehow get to McDonalds burgers - mustard or no mustard?

Don't Trust this Cereal

Our wonderful listeners send us some wonderful cereals! They also sometimes send us sh*t!! This is one of those times. We'll try 2 flavors of Trust Cereal made with egg whites, then a promotional "cereal" from Carvel.