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Parental Discretion is Advised

Sorry. There were just too many curses in this episode for us to edit out. Good old Greg T stops in to rant about something nonsensical, so we make him try some cereal… some new, and some very old. We’ll check out the new Plentifull from General Mills, as well as another nasty Catalina Crunch and some listener-supplied fake Lucky Charms. Come for the cereal, stay for the insanity!

Bowl Chat - A Day Late and a Dollar Short

The episode that was supposed to be uploaded last week, UPLOADED NOW! Enjoy.

One More Wish

We always appreciate it when our friends at Three Wishes Cereal sends us their newest flavor. But not every one is a hit. Chocolate Covered Strawberry? Ehhh. More chocolate on the way with some budget balls from Golden Foods, and WalMart steps in with some pretty ok Strawberry Awake.

Bonus: A Very Special Andrew Supplied Cereal Episode

In this episode Andrew supplies all the cereal! What kind of hi-jinks will go down when Andrew is put in charge?

Bowl Chat - Nonna Won't Like This

Andrew's Nonna isn't going to like that he bought Italian Bolognese chips from his local market. However, Scotty absolutely loves them!

An OK Episode

We've had it for a little while, and we'll finally try new Special K Brown Sugar Cinnamon... and it's pretty good! Then some surprisingly decent gluten free granola from Udi, and a listener supplied box from Cascadian Farm

Bowl Chat - Never Trust a Fart

As the title implies, Scotty B and Andrew give their NSFW descriptions of err... incidents.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Finally got our hands on new the Marshmallow Cocoa Pebbles! Bet you can guess Scotty's rating! Then, some rando generic Fruity Hoops, and our wonderful listener Doug will join us to try the Bo Jacks cereal he supplied.

Bowl Chat - Calculated Risks

Scott says he takes "calculated risks" when it comes to making certain decisions. Andrew thinks it's all a big joke. What else is new?

Who is Carlos?

So excited for the latest addition to the Krispies family... Cinnamon Sugar! Then, we'll try another granola from our friends at Bakery On Main and a we'll go international with a listener supplied box of CarlosV!

Bowl Chat - Nothing... As Usual

Scotty B is on a tear. His New Years Resolution to be nicer seems to not be working. Andrew is at his wits end. Also, if you want a beautiful pet portrait, talk to our friend Juan on Instagram @ImpastoInstapet!

CK Masks

Trying out the new PJ Masks cereal from General Mills... and can you guess who that masked man is?? Then on to an interesting Froot Loops release for Valentine's Day, and some fruit and yogurt stuff from Aldi.

Bowl Chat - Manly Men Things

Scott changed a water pump. Let's all applaud Scott. He is officially a man. Also, he has to go to IKEA...

Vanilla, Chocolate & Raspberry

Excited to finally try the new Wendy's Frosty Cereal! Spoiler alert... it's awesome! Then some vanilla stuff from Nature's Path, and another kick-ass granola from Bakery On Main!

Bowl Chat - New Year, Same Old Scott

We talk about a lot of nothing, from Bob Sagets deatht to trying a new snack this episode has a whole lot going on.


And another legacy cereal is born! We'll try the brand new CinnaGraham Toast Crunch from General Mills... and we'll love it! Then another nauseating bag of Catalina Crunch, and some WalMart Honey Nut O's.

Bowl Chat - St. Elmo's Fire

Scotty watched the 80's classic, St. Elmo's Fire, and Andrew won't stop singing it throughout the episode.

Nasty O's

In this episode, we'll check out some new "healthy" fruity crisped rice cereal from Cascadian Farm, an interesting almond butter flavor puffs cereal from Trader Joe's, and some not so spectacular O's cereal that Scotty's daughter brought back from an awful industrial kitchen.

Bowl Chat - Furrys Go to School?

Scotty is mad that people are identifying as animals... is this really a thing? Andrew has thoughts.

Bonus: The 2021 Spoony Awards

IT'S CEREALS BIGGEST NIGHT! You have waited all year for it and it's finally here, the 2021 Spoony Awards, with appearances from some very special guests, and one fiery mishap.

Bowl Chat - Diamond Insanity

Our "Executive Producer" Diamond is finally here and appearing on an episode of Bowl Chat! Hear this off the rails episode where we talk about a lot of nothing and also some...things? We aren't promising much.

Crunch Bowl

Ethan from Survivor joins us for the last reviewing episode of the year. He will introduce us to his Crunch Bowl, while we try a brand we never heard of, a brand we have heard of, and some organic O's from Target.

Bowl Chat - Scotty Gets Schooled

Scotty B doesn't like history, Andrew is here to teach him a lesson. Plus, the guys talk all about plunger mishaps, and potentially adding Bite Sized History Fridays!

Cereal In A Can

Not that this is a throwaway episode, but nothing all that exciting here cereal-wise. This week's new cereal is from Cascadian Farm. Then on to some rip-off Cinnamon Life from Walmart, and some stoners made a plant-based cereal and called it Highkey... we'll try that too!